DEEP HEAT (LP Launch) / Shrapnel / Sleepy / Delivery Boys / 16.04.16


Saturday 16th April // 7pm // All-ages

“Still Life” LP out April on Poison City Records.

Shrapnel >

Sleepy >

Delivery Boys >

“The buzzing guitar and urgent post punk melody on Deep Heat’s latest track “Sleep” wouldn’t sound out of place on the roster of UK label La Vida Es Un Mus Discos or Canada’s Deranged records. As it is the band’s upcoming album Still Life will be released on Melbourne’s Poison City, the local label who were also responsible for the band’s 2013 EP New Design and split with Melbourne buddies White Walls.

Deep Heat have been busying themselves in other projects, guitarist and vocalist Gus Lord with the Stevens, Tyrannamen and Twerps while guitarist Alicia Saye and Jacquie Hynes also play in the dark and brooding Infinite Void.

Recorded by Mat Robins at Coloursound, Still Life sees a return to the buzzy melody and shouty lyrics that bring to mind some 80s UK post punk and Pacific Northwest garage punk that have been filtered through the Melbourne suburbs of Northcote, Thornbury and Footscray.” – Tim Scott / Noisey


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