SAD BY SAD WEST / 23.04.16



Saturday 23rd April // 2pm // All-ages

More info (and details for Friday & Sunday) HERE

SAD by SAD WEST is a new weekend festival happening in the inner wests of Melbourne and Sydney this April. Based on emotional impact rather than genre, around an idea that more mediums of art can and should be presented together, with a common emotional commitment to their music and community. Featuring rad bands from New Zealand and Australia, the DIY festival takes places over 2 states, 6 venues (all AA shows bar one) featuring 24 bands, 20 visual artists and 16 poets.

Alisha Bourke / Carb On Carb (NZ) / Dan Hogan / Dave Drayton / Elena Gomez / Ellie Rose / Eliza Rite / Erin O’Brien / Emma Michealis / Employment / Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt / HANNAHBAND / Holly Isemonger / Hospital Sports (NZ/Solo) / i.e. crazy (NZ) / Imperial Broads / Jess Locke / Kate Acompli / Kenji Khozoei / Nick Levy / Patrick Lenton / Rory Green / Seth Frightening (NZ) / Stacey Teague / SuSu Studio / Ted Danson With Wolves / Twinrova/ Yoshi / Zzzounds



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