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Nite Fields (Qld/Album Launch) / Seating Plan / Enderie Nuatal / Honey (ACT) / 16.05.15

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Saturday 16th May // 7pm // All-ages

Brisbane’s Nite Fields return to Australia after a five-week European tour and celebrate the release of debut album ‘Depersonalisation’, out now on Los Angeles label Felte.

Added entertainment on the night comes from –

Seating Plan – Minimal/Synth/Wave/Post-Punk with Roland, Arturia, Korg, Found Sounds.
Enderie Nuatal – big brother of Brisbane’s Cured Pink. Part human, part calculator. Stompy, stompy electronica.
Honey – New Canberra “fusion” band made up of Luke Keanan-Brown and Rory Stenning.
And Dennis from Circular Keys on DJ duties.


Vacuum (Vic) / Seating Plan / Table / Tim & The Boys / 15.05.15

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Friday 15th May // 7pm // All-ages

Very good cold + synth + waves w/

Vacuum (Melb) // Andrea Blake (Asps) and Jenny Branagan (Nun)
Seating Plan // These guys should be famous
Table // Nic Warnock’s modular synth trip
Tim & The Boys // New band ft. Tim Collier, Daniel Gross (Dead Farmers) and Will Harley (Housewives)

Cobwebbs (Bris) / Exek (Melb) / Broadcasting Transmitter / Ghastly Spats / Seating Plan / 28.09.14

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Sunday 28th September // 3pm // All-ages

4-piece noise rock ‘n’ roll band from Brisbane. Been at it for a while now. 2nd LP is out now thru Sonic Masala, and it’s still fun.

EXEK:: Melbourne 4 piece, on their first visit to sydney. Debut out now on TIME /\ SPACE RECORDS Co.

BROADCASTING TRANSMITTER:: Improvisational group consisting of Edwin Sheather and Jasper Fenton (both from Dead China Doll) and Luke O’Farrell (The Laurels)

GHASTLY SPATS:: Sydney 5 piece, performed recently at the Sydney Opera House for the RIP 5th bday bash

SEATING PLAN:: Local boy-girl duo, presenting playful melodic minimal synth mangling drudgery