Unbound (Qld) / The Plague / Morte Lenta / Culture Of Ignorance / Gross Notion / 11.11.16


Friday 11th November // 6pm // All-Ages

After some unfortunate circumstances on our trip to Sydney in August we’re coming back to go at it again, this time at the newly reopened Black Wire Records. This one will be over and done fairly early so you got time to enjoy the lockout laws. Joining us on the night will be mix of metal and hardcore punk with THE PLAGUE, GROSS NOTION, MORTE LENTA and CULTURE OF IGNORANCE

QLD based punk metal freaks blending extreme metal and punk. “Flesh Burns” demo out now. https://unboundpunkmetal.bandcamp.com/releases

Headbanging swedish death-metal mayhem, total Entombed / Dismember loving chaos with an Aussie infliction.

Killer new-ish Sydney outfit playing a unique style of blackened punk, like a hammer to the head, it’ll knock you on your ass. https://skinprison.bandcamp.com/releases

Replacing Skinny P! Tape out now! https://mortelentapunk.bandcamp.com

Record collector scum hardcore. Think Necros, YDI, Misfits, Mecht Mensch and Die Kreuzen filtered through Australia…members of lots of bands such as Morte Lenta, Controlled, Skin Prison, Nervous Habit and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6QJ4AXTLsN0

Ultra heavy metallic d-beat HC in the vein of Disfear, Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone. https://cultureofignorance.bandcamp.com/

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