Red Red Krovvy / The Vacant Lot / Ill Winds / Skin Prison / 14.10.16


Friday 14th October // 7pm // All-ages

“The Vacant Lot and Red Red Krovvy share a common lineage- friends growing up making unpopular music in unpopular cities. For The Vacant Lot this was Canberra 1980, and Red Red Krovvy Cairns 2007. Both places described endearingly by locals as ‘shitholes.’ Both these bands have recorded full length records this year, and tour to celebrate them not being released yet, but just for something to do.”

Red Red Krovvy
Child punk band Old Skull, reincarnated. Tossing up whether to go to 10 year high school reunion 2017, for various reasons.

The Vacant Lot
Legendary Canberra punk band has a new lease on life. Less snotty, more dry. It’s 2016 (no time for lollygagging)

Ill Winds
Hypnotic drum machine scraping by, bleak songs of the new world order. Solid pair.

Menace and fury, emotionally charged punk. Demo should be out on Haemorrhage Records come show time.


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