Possible Humans / Aloha Units / Whitney Houston’s Crypt / Shrapnel / Pinkbatts / 24.06.16


Friday 24th June // 7pm // All-ages

POSSIBLE HUMANS come to Sydney to launch their first 7″!

Possible Humans is a band that lives on the nether regions of an imaginal giant that graces the subspace of Actual Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Its ‘members’ are Samuel Tapper, Leon Cranswick, Steven Hewitt, Adam Hewitt and Mark Hewitt, aka “The Creepy Brothers”.

Their debut 7”, out next month on Strange Pursuits, features a song from Steve (“Toroid”) and a song from Mark (“Cuz”). One is a wordy, wonky, melodic anthem and a wry smile at existential despair, the other a moping swan stuck in Brisbane on a working holiday from Melbourne, croaking its observations into a drain. The photo on the front cover (not the above) is site-specific to ‘Cuz’, a DIY recording that broke the ice for the band, and suggests looking out into the yard of life from a crooked perspective inside the inner house. Or whatever you like.

This pair of songs are true to the respective styles of their authors. But this new band is democratically (in the ideal sense) mixed up. The other three members write too, which the forthcoming LP will demonstrate. Just how forthly the disc is coming is anyone’s guess, but it is recorded and ready to go, and it’s a big fun mess of Free Rock, in the jailhouse sense, and the wheelhouse sense, as in silly as wheels, when your mind is gone. These two songs are not on it, hence this 7”.


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