LUBRICANT (Singapore) / Controlled / Primitive Blast / Frame 313 / Gross Notion / 01.05.16


Sunday 1st May // 3pm // All-ages

Presented by NGM Records & Lost in Fog…

All the way from South East Asia…**LUBRICANT**

Playing blistering and savage hardcore punk from the island of Singapore, LUBRICANT deliver an onslaught of delay drenched punk bangers, a new and unique take on hardcore punk blasting cookie cutter American bands out of the water. Featuring members of VAARALLINEN, DAILY RITUAL, SARABANTE (Greece) & ABRASION Lubricant is touring Australia through April & May.



Sydney HC that invokes a lot of that feel of modern Boston HC like The Rival Mob. It’s music built for moshin’, plain and simple.

Hard-hitting politically minded HC punk. Imagine being in NY in the late 80’s and having a sound that bridged between the tough-edge CBGB’s crowd and the activist-rooted scene of ABC NO RIO. That’s what Controlled is, like a less metal Killing Time covering Life’s Blood.

Two-piece for lack of better words “Power Violence” outfit making some obvious connections to the weirder 90’s bands like Man is the Bastard and Neanderthal but with a distinct affection for the explosive sound of Godflesh.

A pipe dream for forever and a day – G.N features members of Controlled, Nervous Habit and Frame 313 to name a few. This will see Coyle’s return to the mic since Ill Brigade called it quits, getting out from behind the drumkit.

Dark hardcore for fans of YDI, Mecht Mensch, The Fix etc.


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