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LUBRICANT (Singapore) / Controlled / Primitive Blast / Frame 313 / Gross Notion / 01.05.16

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Sunday 1st May // 3pm // All-ages

Presented by NGM Records & Lost in Fog…

All the way from South East Asia…**LUBRICANT**

Playing blistering and savage hardcore punk from the island of Singapore, LUBRICANT deliver an onslaught of delay drenched punk bangers, a new and unique take on hardcore punk blasting cookie cutter American bands out of the water. Featuring members of VAARALLINEN, DAILY RITUAL, SARABANTE (Greece) & ABRASION Lubricant is touring Australia through April & May.



Sydney HC that invokes a lot of that feel of modern Boston HC like The Rival Mob. It’s music built for moshin’, plain and simple.

Hard-hitting politically minded HC punk. Imagine being in NY in the late 80’s and having a sound that bridged between the tough-edge CBGB’s crowd and the activist-rooted scene of ABC NO RIO. That’s what Controlled is, like a less metal Killing Time covering Life’s Blood.

Two-piece for lack of better words “Power Violence” outfit making some obvious connections to the weirder 90’s bands like Man is the Bastard and Neanderthal but with a distinct affection for the explosive sound of Godflesh.

A pipe dream for forever and a day – G.N features members of Controlled, Nervous Habit and Frame 313 to name a few. This will see Coyle’s return to the mic since Ill Brigade called it quits, getting out from behind the drumkit.

Dark hardcore for fans of YDI, Mecht Mensch, The Fix etc.


SAD BY SAD WEST / 23.04.16

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Saturday 23rd April // 2pm // All-ages

More info (and details for Friday & Sunday) HERE

SAD by SAD WEST is a new weekend festival happening in the inner wests of Melbourne and Sydney this April. Based on emotional impact rather than genre, around an idea that more mediums of art can and should be presented together, with a common emotional commitment to their music and community. Featuring rad bands from New Zealand and Australia, the DIY festival takes places over 2 states, 6 venues (all AA shows bar one) featuring 24 bands, 20 visual artists and 16 poets.

Alisha Bourke / Carb On Carb (NZ) / Dan Hogan / Dave Drayton / Elena Gomez / Ellie Rose / Eliza Rite / Erin O’Brien / Emma Michealis / Employment / Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt / HANNAHBAND / Holly Isemonger / Hospital Sports (NZ/Solo) / i.e. crazy (NZ) / Imperial Broads / Jess Locke / Kate Acompli / Kenji Khozoei / Nick Levy / Patrick Lenton / Rory Green / Seth Frightening (NZ) / Stacey Teague / SuSu Studio / Ted Danson With Wolves / Twinrova/ Yoshi / Zzzounds


DEEP HEAT (LP Launch) / Shrapnel / Sleepy / Delivery Boys / 16.04.16

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Saturday 16th April // 7pm // All-ages

“Still Life” LP out April on Poison City Records.

Shrapnel >

Sleepy >

Delivery Boys >

“The buzzing guitar and urgent post punk melody on Deep Heat’s latest track “Sleep” wouldn’t sound out of place on the roster of UK label La Vida Es Un Mus Discos or Canada’s Deranged records. As it is the band’s upcoming album Still Life will be released on Melbourne’s Poison City, the local label who were also responsible for the band’s 2013 EP New Design and split with Melbourne buddies White Walls.

Deep Heat have been busying themselves in other projects, guitarist and vocalist Gus Lord with the Stevens, Tyrannamen and Twerps while guitarist Alicia Saye and Jacquie Hynes also play in the dark and brooding Infinite Void.

Recorded by Mat Robins at Coloursound, Still Life sees a return to the buzzy melody and shouty lyrics that bring to mind some 80s UK post punk and Pacific Northwest garage punk that have been filtered through the Melbourne suburbs of Northcote, Thornbury and Footscray.” – Tim Scott / Noisey

Holy Balm / California Girls (A.C.T) / Orion / Sex Tourists / LA Suffocated / 09.04.16

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Saturday 9th April // 7pm // All-ages

(Doors 7 – first on 7:30!!)

Holy Balm –
California Girls –
Orion –
Sex Tourists –
LA Suffocated –