Ted Danson With Wolves (12″ Launch) / The Nuclear Family / Party Dozen / Marcus / 19.03.16


Saturday 19th March // 7pm // All-ages

Ted Danson With Wolves return to Sydney to conclude the tour for their new EP ‘Don’t Tell Me What’s Wrong With You, Because I Will Find Out And Tell You. It Will Make Sense To You And Work.’ at the best place in the whole universe and neighbour of the EP’s inspiration; Black Wire Records!

The EP is available digitally and on 12″ vinyl at http://teddansonwithwolves.bandcamp.com

They’ll be joined by ~

THE NUCLEAR FAMILY – Noisy garage punx fresh from a tour of South East Asia. Cop their new 7″ from vvv

PARTY DOZEN – New project from members of Snakeface, Parades, Top People and Jonathan Boulet (ie – Jono himself). Loosely based on improvisation feat. brutal, noisy sax RIFFS.

MARCUS – new project from Marcus Whale of BV/Collarbones/Scissor Lock. It’s his first show under this monicker and given his track record it will probably be amazing.


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