DEAFCULT (LP Launch) / Mere Women / Miners / Lapse / 22.01.16


Friday 22nd January // 7pm // All-ages

DEAFCULT are a six-piece noise-pop band from Brisbane, Australia. Featuring members of The Gifthorse, The Larch, Roku Music, Nuclear Summer and more. LP out now on Black Wire Records!

Deafcult are the shoegaze band Brisbane has been waiting for’ – Jessica Milsome,

‘Taking the shoegaze shine of Roku and adhering it to the Nothing mould of post-hardcore ferocity, the tracks on the Deafcult EP (recorded at Incremental Studios) are incredible intense, sonorous, intricate and cathartic in their sonic expulsions.’ – Brendan Telford, Sonic Masala

DEAFCULT are a six piece that create an atmosphere reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, combined with the melodic energy of post-hardcore and the condensed fury of anthemic punk.’ – James Law,




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