The Hotelier (USA) / Carb On Carb (NZ) / Ceres / Sweater Season / 9.12.15


Wednesday 9th December // 7pm // All-ages

“Sonically, politically, and ethically, The Hotelier are punk as fuck,” boasted Pitchfork, when talking about their breakthrough album, Home, Like No Place Is There. Released through Tiny Engines in early 2014, the Massachusetts band has since ridden a wave of firsts and, corresponding to the music they create, pushed uncharted territories.

Amidst a relentless schedule in North America, there were maiden tours of U.K & Europe this year, and now in November and December, the band’s first ever tour of Australia.

“From the first time I was in a band, the idea of going to Australia has always been, something for the most part, that has seemed unreachable,” says the band’s guitarist Chris Hoffman. “Now that it is happening, it’s a goal and achievement that feels a long time coming.”

Though the rise in their fan base on the other side of the world is unquestionable, it was an encounter with Melbourne’s The Smith Street Band at a festival in Germany that put the wheels in motion for a much anticipated Australian tour. “When we were in Europe, we met the members of The Smith Street Band and it was their idea to make this all happen, so we have no idea what to expect when we go there,” he laughs.

As the hype surrounding The Hotelier continues to grow, as does their international profile, the Australian tour will also serve a chance for fans to hear new music from the band. “We just finished tracking it,” reveals Hoffman on the follow up to Home, Like No Place Is There. “We’ll probably being playing some of them for the first time in Australia.”



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