Drohtnung (W.A/Album Launch) / Kollaps (Vic/EP Launch) / Host / Graveir (Qld) / 13.11.15


Friday 13th November // 7pm // All-ages


Kollaps are touring in support of their debut release of ‘Heartworm’, a 4 track EP recorded by Ash Wednesday (Einsturzende Neubauten) and released through Belgian experimental label Silken Tofu.

“I imagine that this is the closest I’ll ever get to travelling back three decades to an English squat gig, somewhere within the abandoned wastes of a declining industrial town, hanging out with musical deviants to see dangerous artistic sickos become wreckers of civilisation” – Alternative and Underground Music blog


Drohtnung began in late 2004 as a one-man project by Old (ex-Wardaemonic/ Pestilential Shadows/Old Burial Temple). This Australian artist – who has also worked as a guest musician and vocalist for acts like Drowning the Light, Woods of Desolation, Forest Mysticism, Yhdarl and Broken Spirit – wanted to embrace the idea of “…music as a philosophy and emotion”. This concept remains at the core of Drohtnung’s musical vision to this day. Our Grief, released by Ruin Productions in 2006, marked the outfit’s debut offering – signalling Old’s downward spiral into loss, longing and sorrow. A 7-inch split with Woods of Desolation was released the following year through Dark Adversary Productions, featuring The Ghost of Harvest (Our Grief). After six years of silence, 2012 saw the band re-emerge with their self-titled full length via Misanthropic Art Productions (CD), Infinite Wisdom Productions (vinyl) and Hammer of Damnation (cassette). Delving deep into the principles of life and death, depression, sorrow, loss, mind and body – this album delivered five-tracks of pure blackened audio which Old himself labelled as ‘Depressive Black Noise’. Later that year, Old employed session members to bring his vision for Drohtnung to life – with all becoming full members shortly after. This new chapter was captured on the live Suicide Session cassette (Hammer of Damnation, 2013). 2014 saw the re-release of this material through Nostalgia Productions, featuring previously unreleased recordings, as The Suicide Sessions – a compilation of rehearsals from 2012-2013. With the line-up complete, Drohtnung has since joined the stage with a slew of bands throughout Australia. Building a reputation as one of the darkest acts to see in Perth W.A underground scene.

||| HOST (Blue Mountains)

Based in the NSW Blue Mountains, ambient / noise / experimental act Host originates as a tool to explore the modern mysteries without the superstition of the Old Aeon. Captured sounds, broken images and modern allegory all come together for an intense, unsettling, all embracing journey.



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