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Lo! / Förstöra (W.A) / Crude Heat / 29.10.15

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Thursday 29th October // 7pm // All-ages

“It’s a special moment in time when two bands meet, fall in love, and depart on a run of shows together. Especially living on either side of the continent. Sydney’s Lo! and Perth’s Förstöra are joining forces for a run of shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra at the end of October.”

First CRUDE HEAT show!


Lecherous Gaze (USA) / Nunchukka Superfly / Nervous Habit / 28.10.15

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Wednesday 28th October // 7pm // All-ages

“Madness! Dementia! Raw Terror! Oozing forth from a festering sore on the recently buried corpse of ultra-sick, Californian sleaze-rock legends ANNHILIATION TIME, comes the ear-mauling, noisy, insanity-soaked musical mayhem of LECHEROUS GAZE! The self-proclaimed “#1 rockin’ band in the entire world,” LECHEROUS GAZE is like the prow of a mighty ship cutting through a sea of turd, carrying on the legacy of bands like the MC5 and Black Flag to bring dangerously heavy rock back to the masses. On The Skids was recorded in Oakland’s Earhammer Studios (Ghoul, Saviours) and is an up-tempo firebomb of awesome riffage, wailing solos, ’70s fuzz tone guitar and grade-A, no-bullshit rock ‘n’ roll!. Who needs studio trickery when each member is jamming out of his mind?!?! Three years in the making, LECHEROUS GAZE’s On The Skids’ maelstromic mixture of heavy rock riffs, punk snarl attitude and Zep-like attention to detail comes across like a hesher’s record collection melted together into one crushing slab of volcanic rock that leaves nothing but burning embers and ringing ears. Harsh and heavy, LECHEROUS GAZE play destructively nasty music for fiendish people!!!”

Sweater Season (7″ Launch) / Burlap / Lapse / Snape / 23.10.15

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Friday 23rd October // 7pm // All-ages

We are incredibly excited to be launching our debut 7″ EP (available October 16th) at the beautiful Black Wire Records!
Stream/download here:

Joining us will be our talented friends…

Poster by the very talented Olivia Mead!
Come and celebrate with us!

Weedy Gonzales (Vic) / Terror Nullius (Vic) / WRØNG (Vic) / Frame 313 / Avian Terror / 24.10.15

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Saturday 24th October // 2pm // All-ages

“Hey its like a choose your own adventure book. The first chapter you get out of the house and watch some bands at the Blackwire Hard Rock Cafe and be merry…Then you can either go home for din dins and Metal Gear Solid V or have your own music festival and go to the bazillion other gigs happening that same night. It is a win win! Three heavy as fark bands from Melbourne making their Sydney debut and also pretty much the launch gig of both Frame 313’s and Avian Terror’s split tape with WRØNG.”

Devestating weed and riff metal feat. members of Clowns

Smashing crusty grind feat. members of Wrøng

Menacing and rather excellent powerviolence feat. members of Terror Nullius

–FRAME 313–
Dont know what they’re angry about they are finally playing with a band they did a split with feat. No one important

Brutal two step grindcore feat. members of Chatswood High School


Agatha (USA) / Oslow / Glory Hole / Grey Places / Arafura / 17.10.15

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Saturday 17th October // 6:30pm // All-ages

One Brick Today presents:

(queer punx on tour from Washington USA)





Siberian Hell Sounds (Qld) / At Dark / Blight Worms / Home Burial / MSV BCP / 18.10.15

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Sunday 18th October // 3pm // All-ages

“Elusive Brisbane crushers SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS will be spewing their unique black-metal-sludge-grind potion across a few choice East Coast cities this spring in support of their LP release (thanks to Abekeit Records (GER)).”

Listen/purchase the Hell Sounds here:


Erasers (W.A) / Ill Winds / Spartak (A.C.T) / Center Negative (N.Z) / 16.10.15

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Friday 16th October // 7pm // All-ages

“Perth duo Erasers recently released their debut LP ‘Stem Together’ and are playing two Sydney shows to celebrate it’s release.”

Joined by ILL WINDS, SPARTAK (A.C.T) and opening up is CENTER NEGATIVE (N.Z).