Marky Vaw (Album Launch) / Setec / Failr / 28.08.15


Friday 28th August // 7pm // All-ages

Gosford lawyer, midnight-creeping rapper, Marky Vaw, has just gone and released a brand new tape (in MP3 format), ‘Exile on Mann Street’.

‘Exile on Mann Street’ is available now via local upstart Strong Look Records aka “the go to label for grumpy boys making music in the Inner West” [1].

This is the Official Launch, (unofficially) sponsored by Reschs.

With support from Setec and failr.


Vaw on ‘Exile on Mann Street’:

“‘Exile’ is about not knowing when the party’s over; or at least not wanting to let go. It’s also about dissatisfaction with yourself. At a superficial level – I quite literally moved back to a place where none of my friends live and I work on Mann Street [2]. But I think placing value on partying breeds it’s own isolation. If I can only be vulnerable when I’m faded. If I can only ever be intimate with someone when lit. Does that really count? Was it even me. That kind of thing. So it’s about doing things that you know are bad for you; not being happy with yourself; being confused about what the fuck it is you’re meant to be doing; but that being ok because nearly everyone feels that way and it’ll be alright. Cos your mate MV is right there with you… So I hope it’s something that’s inclusive, because I’m not judging that behaviour and want people to feel like I’m with them. It’s a historical document. It’s Samuel Pepys’ fucking diary [3]. Put it in a time capsule, let the kids of the future know how self-absorbed and horrible we fucking were. I love youse all.”

Strong Look Records on ‘Exile on Mann Street’:

‘Exile on Mann Street’ is a snapshot through the blurred 3am lens. It’s the logical rebuttal to Vaw’s previously displayed bouts of extravagant Gen No Feels showboating – ie. shower longnecks, Vince Vaughn autographed tattoos etc etc. It’s a tape that equally weighs its author’s paradox of professional weekdays and party-clinging weekends, funnelled through a series of replicated moments and questionable decisions. It’s not merely a “deal with it” parachuted rims reaction, but an exploration of those unique immediate regrets that exist way beyond the simplistic understanding documented by reasonable-doubt-era Napster CEO Jay-Z. Wasting time being wasted, the freedom found in that encompassing feeling of wasting away. Beautifully.


1. Nah, thanks Levins :




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