Primary Colours (ACT/7″ Launch) / Honey (ACT) / Sadfaces / Twinrova / 20.03.15


Friday 20th March // 7pm // All-ages


PRIMARY COLOURS will be touring in support of their new 7″ – Compact Disc b/w Services Rendered – out now through Cinnamon Records.

Sonic Masala: “It’s raw enough to appeal to the punk aesthetic that permeates the richest seams of the Australian underground, while danceable enough for white hipsters to move their hips a quarter of an inch at a time without breaking a sweat or their crossed arms.”

MESS+NOISE: “Teasing no-frills post-punk into raw dance-punk territory…”

HONEY initially formed as a vehicle for Raus to perform live, but has since taken on a life of it’s own.

“Raus and his partner in crime Yether, have slowly but surely evolved into something a bit different. Synths, drums (both acoustic and electronic) and baritone vocals combined into a hazy slush, which enveloped the sizable crowd at Transit. Launching their debut album LP, everything seemed fluid on stage, with the songs resembling jam sessions at times more than any set structure. The set seemed like it was an expression of joy for the two men on stage, with frontman Raus at times abandoning his post and whacking away on his trusty cowbell.”




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