Chinese Burns Unit (7″ Launch!) / Amateur Drunks / Grey Places / Collapso / 29.11.14


Saturday 29th November // 7pm // All-ages

Chinese Burns Unit made a record. It’s a good record. They are going to play a rock concert to celebrate the release of this good record. You should come to the rock concert. There will be tea-towels for sale.

Also, Amateur Drunks, Grey Places and Collapso will be appearing at the rock concert. As far as I am aware they do not have tea-towels though.

“Blokes from Frenzal Rhomb, Lawnsmell (illustrator to both the stars and the deadshits, Glenno Smith), Pure Evil Trio, The Optionals and heaps more, follow up last year’s excellent LP with their second 7”. 5 songs, including crowd favourite “Drug Sniffin’Cat”, and download (included with 7″) featuring two bonus tracks (collaborations with Brisbane’s Dick Nasty). Making pop-punk punk again. Cats, weed, Australiana, and alien reptile conspiracies abound.”

Download/stream here:
Order here:


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