Lincoln le Fevre & The Insiders (Tas/Melb) / The Sugarcanes (Melb) / Isaac Graham / Zzzounds / 30.08.14


Saturday 30th August // 7pm // All-ages

Lincoln le Fevre & the Insiders are proud to announce that Poison City Records will be reissuing their 2008 debut album 30-Watt Heart as a vinyl release later in 2014.

To celebrate its rerelease, the band will be playing a series of shows around the country throughout August and September.

Long before Resonation and longer before relocating to Melbourne, 30-Watt Heart was self-produced by Lincoln le Fevre & the Insiders at home during a freezing winter, just south of Hobart. It was the first hint of le Fevre’s unique brand of county-tinted stories told with a fire burning in the guts.

You’ve heard these stories played live. Now’s your chance to grab it on record.

BLACKWIRE RECORDS, Sydney, with the Sugarcanes (feat. Lucy Wilson) and Isaac Graham (and now with bonus Zzzounds!).


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