Seahorse Divorce (Bris/7″ Launch) / TV Programmes / Hot Girls / Burlap / 09.08.14


Saturday 9th August // 7pm // All-ages

Having released and toured their debut album followed by a short run of New Zealand dates in 2013, Seahorse Divorce have returned to their pure white jam cave to resume writing. Music critics and psychotherapists worldwide have praised their faceless brand of easily digestible radio rock, the kind that can be sold to bland and empty people unable to fully commit to more sincere and creative music forms. Such unremarkable music has provided millions worldwide with an easily graspable sense of identity in a world they feel is increasingly going over their heads. With Seahorse Divorce, who needs character?

After recording two songs late last year for a split with Newcastle’s now defunct Summer Policy, after too much time umming and ahhing, the fruit-fusion quintet have finally released the resulting product, a two-track 45 single, the Hessian Transgression / Horses for Discourses 7”. In August they will play a short burst of shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide to release it. Having since re-entered the studio to record even newer songs for an upcoming EP, the shows will be filled with lots of fresh groove numbers written since this belatedly new 7” release. Compete with your friends to create unique dances in even less familiar time signatures!

Joining us at Sydney’s Black Wire Records (AA) will be TV Programmes , Burlap, and a newly reformed Hot Girls (Newcastle).



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