Ted Danson With Wolves / Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt / Death Mountain / Lovely Head / 18.07.14


Friday 18th July // 7pm // All-ages

Ted Danson With Wolves
Noodly, pun-loving sadboys who recently finished touring their debut record ‘WWTDWWD?’. They actually have copies of it now. You can here it hear: http://eunoiacollective.com/album/wwtdwwd-2

Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt
Jazzy math-grind superstars and the envy of most of Sydney after supporting David Liebe Hart late last year. Both of their albums are great, cop them at http://artascatharsis.bandcamp.com/

Death Mountain
Sing songy riff-math from members of Lungs, Collapso, Animal Shapes, Staying at Home, The Reason and who even knows what else. Their debut record ‘Volcanic Panic’ will be out later this year, there’s a song from it on their soundcloud, chuck a listen:

Lovely Head
Ambient, noisy tunes for tuning from Vivian of No Art fame. Two great releases to her name and both were done this year. Prolific! Listen to them both at https://lovely-head.bandcamp.com


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