Damage Zone (7″ Launch) / Chinese Burns Unit / Frank Rizzo / Disintegrator / The Fuck Outs / 05.07.14


Saturday 5th July // 5pm // All-ages

7″ launch! First show! Potentially only show?! Massappeal worship! Guest vocals from Randy Massappeal! Other bands! Sick one!

“Damage Zone are the latest band to emerge from the ‘New Wave of Sydney Thrash’. Taking their name and much inspiration from Sydney legends Massappeal, Damage Zone are equal parts thrash, power violence and punk rock. 

Damage Zone began life as a side project for a number of Sydney’s long term contributors to the Punk / Hardcore / Thrash scene (Subversion, Disintegrator, Hostile Objects, Michael Crafter etc.). 

Their initial output is a 7 song ‘7″ Cold Dead Hands’ EP, being released on Inner City Uprising Records on 5th July 2014. All songs written and recorded in a boozy 8 hour session on 31st August 2013. D.Z contains music influences such as Massappeal, Citizens Arrest, DRI etc with a socio-political lyrical content.”



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