Roku Music (Bris) / Sounds Like Sunset / Beast And Flood / 23.03.14


Sunday 23rd March // 4pm // All-ages

Brisbane’s searing shoegaze quartet Roku Music has had a meteoric rise since its inception last year. Blossoming from the core duo of Donovan Miller (No Anchor/Butcher Birds) and Innez Tulloch (Tiny Spiders/Pastel Blaze), this at-home experiment has supplanted its hard-edged take on the wall of noise aesthetic to become an immaculate construct of melody and sound. The addition of Tom Roche (Rational Academy/O) on drums and Jody Gleeson (The Madisons) on bass has seen Roku Music mine the depths of resonant noise with acuity and reverence. The unflinching dynamism and physical immersion that a live Roku Music show involves is awesome in the truest sense.



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