The Ocean Party (Melb/Album Launch) / King Tears Mortuary / Shopgirl / Nathan Roche / 16.11.13



Saturday 16th November // 7pm // All-ages

The Ocean Party are one of those bands that should be playing a massive world tour, then maybe kick back on a beach for a few months to contemplate a full length. They call on influences such as The Shins, Paul Kelly and The Panics, I can assure you, if you even mildly enjoy any of these artists, The Ocean Party and you will hit if off instantly.

The Ocean party who all came from Wagga but are living the dream in Fitzroy. Very young band who I caught playing at a Ron peno gig. Quite post punk in the ringing guitars and vocals. very good songs. They are very young and open faced and personable. Instrumentation is two clean sounding guitars into a Fender valve and a Mesa Boogie combo with bass, drums and keys. Looking so much like early Orange Juice. they use sweet major seventh chords and the lyrics are timeless in style and content. Delivered faultlessly. If I said they are a pop band I am not being at all dismissive or negative. Songs with hooks and charm.

…a sensibility towards 1960s harmonies and the type of witty lyricism favoured by The Shins. Shaking Like a Leaf was a highlight, among many, from a confident and assured band. Lachlan Denton held the attention of the audience with a peculiar charisma, showcasing his talent as an emerging leading



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