The Bennies (Melb/Album Launch) / Ivan Drago / Local Resident Failure / Oslow / 08.11.13


Friday 8th November // 6pm // All-ages

“The Bennies present their genre-mashing second album Rainbows In Space on the 8th November (through Poison City Records).

Like some kind of lethal speedball, Rainbows In Space combines all the high energy, reggae-tinged punk rock party anthems your tiny heart can endure.

There’s chill Californian ska rhythms, brain-melting solos, bouncing bass lines, speedy hi-hats and some of the most addictive choruses ever to seize upon your brain, plus Anty Horgan’s signature, delay drenched vocals.

Jammed out in Melbourne with pal and producer Sam Johnson (The Smith Street Band, A Death In The Family), Rainbows In Space picks right up where the ripping sounds of first album Party, Party, Party and recent 7″ Better Off Dread left off. 

The Bennies’ touring party program for 2013 has included a bush-doof psy-trance festival, a metal festival, a million punk shows, a 7″ release tour and one epic 20-date national tour with buds The Smith Street Band.

Before they descend upon Japan and China on their 3rd Asian tour in as many years, The Bennies will gallivant across Oz in support of Rainbows In Space through November and October.”



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