Infinity Broke (Jamie Hutchings/Bluebottle Kiss) / Ted Danson With Wolves / Trent Marden (The Holy Soul) / 01.11.13



Friday 1st November // 7pm // All-ages

Infinity Broke is a new project featuring Jamie Hutchings and Jared Harrison of Bluebottle Kiss fame as well as Jamie’s brother Scott and long-term bassist Reuben Wills. Whilst all four members have played in various incarnations of Jamie’s solo work (most notably on Avalon Cassettes) Infinity Broke sees the band paint with clubs more often than brushes. Scott and Jared pummel out Kraut-Rock friendly rhythms on drums and assorted percussion beneath Wills soulful bass playing, creating a hypnotic yet bloody canvas.

There’s also a notable return of electricity, particularly in Jamie’s often free-improvised, jagged guitar playing. Songs go for as long or a short as they command; however they still remain identifiable as Jamie’s work.

In short  – if you’re sophisticated enough to love being hypnotized by early ‘70’s improvisers like Can or even On the Corner era Miles BUT you like getting beaten around a bit by The Replacements or Husker Du – you might like Infinity Broke.

On returning from his third European tour in late 2011, Jamie began playing live in three piece mode with bassist Reuben Wills and drummer Jared Harrison – often delving into older Bluebottle kiss tracks, particularly those that lent themselves to improvisation, such as ‘Let the Termites Eat our Riches’ from BBK’s 2002 album ‘Revenge is Slow’. In late 2012 a four-piece version of the band featuring Harrison on drums, Wills on bass and Scott Hutchings on percussion and occasional electric guitar began to rehearse.

The group was fortunate enough to gain access to a former shearing shed on a rural property in western NSW in January of 2012 owned by Bathurst based artist Chris Mcgirr. Over two long weekends they recorded over 70 minutes of material with engineer Chris Colquhoun. Some of this material will be released as their debut full-length album in early 2014.


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