Sick People (Qld) / Sewercide (Vic) & more… 13.09.13 & 14.09.13


Over two nights!

Friday 13th September // 7pm // All-ages

STANLEY KNIFE – These guys were active in the 90’s and now they are back to annoy again. Stripped back Oi! / HC straight up Australian arrogance, scumbag style.

SEWERCIDE (VIC) – Melbourne lads on tour with Sick People playing ferocious Death Thrash just like Demolition Hammer, SODOM etc.

HOSTILE OBJECTS – Old school straight up HC by people who were definitely old enough to see it that still play hard. EX-MURDER, BARFLY, TWIN CITY FACTION, TERRIBLE VIRTUE, EXTORTION…ETC

SICK PEOPLE (QLD) – AHC BOTM on tour with Sewercide, FAKES RULE 7″ release tour.

CONTROLLED – New band born from the idea and ashes of Sick Society.

Friday 14th September // 7pm // All-ages

VIGILANTE – Sydney’s kings of NYHC with their own spin. They just put out an LP go listen to it. Guaranteed to slam.

SICK PEOPLE – AHC diehards. Quoted as “young lords play old man music” touring with Sewercide throughout September to release their FAKES RULE 7″.

OILY BOYS – A magical mix between outter space and early mid-paced discharge. Easily one of Sydney’s best bands in years. Maybe their 7″ will ever come out?

UNKNOWN TO GOD – A split LP with Deathcage will be fresh out for this show. Excellent Sydney band playing a glorious blend of Crow meets Citizens Arrest…with their own twist.

SEWERCIDE – Death-thrash in the vein of Demolition Hammer, Sodom, Solstice…set to make their mark by playing hard and fast.


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