Roku Music (Bris) / Making / Yes I’m Leaving / Sour Cream / 29.06.13


Saturday 29th June // 7pm // All-ages

Roku Music are a shoegaze band from Brisbane, they probably draw on other influences, but that’s just a mistake, an accident on their behalf. Some people have said that they are a good band, everyone else have acted wise, and kept their pretty mouths shut. Tim from Tym Guitars has argued with them about the new My Bloody Valentine album. So has Ian Rogers. 

Last year Roku Music were a duo (Innez and Donnie). They released a limited edition cassette. There are around three left, meaning that this has almost sold out, but if you can’t sell 50 cassettes, it’s probably time you rethink your place in the world, right? To coincide with their Record Store Day performance at Tym Guitars they released a limited edition CD (as a full band). 100 copies were given away for free. The EP is now available on bandcamp, also for free, but some people opt to pay for it, new world capitalism is a weird thing right?. Late June/early July 2013 will see Roku Music venture to the South to Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne, to hopefully give away some more of these EPs and to maybe sell a few t-shirts. They will also play in Brisbane as long as the good people of the town will have them. 

Roku Music is Donovan Miller (No Anchor), Innez Tulloch (Pastel Blaze), Jody Gleeson (The Madisons) and Thomas Roche (The Rational Academy). It’s taken almost a year to get to the current lineup, with a sojourn as a 3 piece featuring Steve Rose (Die On Planes) on drums, with Jody and Thomas joining a couple of months later. A record is currently being made at Donnie’s recording studio, Nowhere Audio. They plan to release this record later in the year/whenever it’s good and ready, “don’t put me in a box” – Miller, 2013. 

Sometimes people fall in love, maybe that will happen to you, but probably not and even if you do, you’ll just mess it up eventually anyway. See you at a show.


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