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Hostile Objects / Hygiene / Raptrz / One Take Earthquake / 05.07.13

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Friday 5th July // 7pm // All-ages


Black Wire Fundraiser with Stockades (Melb) / Seahorse Divorce (Bris) & more… / 22.06.13

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Saturday 22nd June // 4:30pm // All-ages

*Now with bonus WIL WAGNER!

Black Wire is awesome. Tom is Awesome. Everybody that donates their time and effort to making such a unique and important place for live music is awesome.

Here are some awesome bands that will be performing for your enjoyment, with all proceeds going to directly to the best venue in Sydney.

Brought to you by Monolith Records, Tenzenmen, and the goobers responsible for SoundDave, Draytone Indu$trie$, we present the next in a continuing line of pun-titled music festivals that are significantly better than the ones whose names they appropriate: STEREOTOMIC!

STOCKADES (Melbourne)
The noodliest bunch of heshians you ever did hear. They’ve got a new 10″ out and it’s amazing.
This will make you want to perform anti-capitalist sax solos in your local McDonald’s.
Listen & Pre-order their 10″ here:

Featuring people from every good band ever, Seahorse Divorce have just released their debut LP through Tenzenmen and in doing so proved that XXXX is far from the best thing Queensland has to offer.
Get sad, then dance about it.

Dude’s guitar is made of metal, metal! I’d wager it was actually constructed from some kind of space-metal that doesn’t actually exist on earth, but that he had obtained from a rare asteroid that landed in rural Russia.
The result is very loud, very awesome music.

People talk about no bullshit rock, they are all full of shit unless they are in Firearms, who actually play no bullshit rock. And it’s pretty party. And the gig is BYO, so you can drink a beer every time Reg does his energizer bunny jumps.

Edward Bridge “Ted” Danson III (born December 29, 1947) is an American actor, author and producer, well known for his role as lead character Sam Malone in the sitcom Cheers, and his role as Dr. John Becker on the series Becker. He is currently starring in the CBS drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.
Little known fact: Ted Danson is actually a composite human (much like Captain Planet) that only exists when the four members of this band combine their special rings and make headnoddable – but at times difficult to nod your head to – tunes in a live setting. Witness the birth of TD!

Imagine Bob Nanna punched cones and lived in Newcastle. This will make you wish you had a high school sweetheart that you fucked things up with so that you could be all Perks Of Being A Wallflower introspective while telling your friends that this music should totally be the sound track to the new, harder hitting season of The OC. Because it should. Can you kickflip to the Shins? Get outta here!

Most sybian-friendly band in Sydney. Oslow are like a ballsier Get Up Kids, or a sexier Sunny Day Real Estate. Or something. They are amazing.

If the brothers Kinsella starred in Deliverance, and then forgot how to play ‘Dueling Banjos’ but continued playing banjos and were rapidly running out of funny excuses as to why they can’t play ‘Dueling Banjos’ when heckled to do so you might have something remotely similar to Pinch Hitter.

Old mate arcs up about all that shit you wanna arc up about, but does it in song. It’s melodically invigorating.

Doors are at 4:30pm, get down nice and early as there’s a huge line up to get through and this will inevitably hit capacity (we hope, so hesh).

Saturday & Sunday

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Saturday 15th June // 6pm // More info


Sunday 16th June // 3pm // More info



Next weekend..

Saturday 22nd June // 4:30pm

Black Wire Fundraiser!



Photo of Palmar Grasp by Shaun Tenzenmen.

Roku Music (Bris) / Making / Yes I’m Leaving / Sour Cream / 29.06.13

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Saturday 29th June // 7pm // All-ages

Roku Music are a shoegaze band from Brisbane, they probably draw on other influences, but that’s just a mistake, an accident on their behalf. Some people have said that they are a good band, everyone else have acted wise, and kept their pretty mouths shut. Tim from Tym Guitars has argued with them about the new My Bloody Valentine album. So has Ian Rogers. 

Last year Roku Music were a duo (Innez and Donnie). They released a limited edition cassette. There are around three left, meaning that this has almost sold out, but if you can’t sell 50 cassettes, it’s probably time you rethink your place in the world, right? To coincide with their Record Store Day performance at Tym Guitars they released a limited edition CD (as a full band). 100 copies were given away for free. The EP is now available on bandcamp, also for free, but some people opt to pay for it, new world capitalism is a weird thing right?. Late June/early July 2013 will see Roku Music venture to the South to Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne, to hopefully give away some more of these EPs and to maybe sell a few t-shirts. They will also play in Brisbane as long as the good people of the town will have them. 

Roku Music is Donovan Miller (No Anchor), Innez Tulloch (Pastel Blaze), Jody Gleeson (The Madisons) and Thomas Roche (The Rational Academy). It’s taken almost a year to get to the current lineup, with a sojourn as a 3 piece featuring Steve Rose (Die On Planes) on drums, with Jody and Thomas joining a couple of months later. A record is currently being made at Donnie’s recording studio, Nowhere Audio. They plan to release this record later in the year/whenever it’s good and ready, “don’t put me in a box” – Miller, 2013. 

Sometimes people fall in love, maybe that will happen to you, but probably not and even if you do, you’ll just mess it up eventually anyway. See you at a show.

Enabler (USA) / Urns (Melb) / Snakes Get Bad Press / The Fevered (Bris) / Ether Rag / 06.07.13

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Saturday 6th July // 7pm // All-ages


From the mouth of ENABLER itself – “the world is fucked, and this is the soundtrack to its demise”. The Milwaukee four-piece has pushed out eight furious releases of their own unique meshing of metal, punk, hardcore and grind influences in the last few years, all while touring across the US and Europe with such legendary acts as Rotten Sound, Black Breath, Martyrdöd, and Wormrot. Following on from 2012’s critically acclaimed All Hail The Void album for Southern Lord Records, ENABLER has just released their scorching Shift of Redemption EP through Think Fast! Records, and will be heading down under for the first time this July to launch it. 

Joining them on all ten shows will be blackened crust/sludge group URNS. Based in Melbourne, the band released a 7” through Midnight Funeral in 2012, and has recently reconfigured their lineup to its fullest, most devastating potential. The band has previously shared the stage with Tragedy, Burning Love and Rosetta.


Shitripper (NZ) / Dark Horse / Frank Rizzo / Disparo! / Nursing Home Stalkers / 15.06.13

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Saturday 15th June // 6pm // All-ages

New Zealand fastcore band SHITRIPPER are about to head out on tour supporting Richmond Virginia Thrash Metal heavyweights MUNICIPAL WASTE in Wellington (NZ), Auckland (NZ), Sydney (AUS) and Melbourne (AUS) as well as playing their own side shows in Australia before coming home to officially unleash their brand new album Brain Defect.
6 piece Auckland fastcore punk band Shitripper formed in 2007 and have been playing their brand of fast, angry, straight-to-the-point music ever since.
Led by an intense and layered duel vocal attack their songs are honest and flatout – most clocking in under  2 minutes. They share their sound and energy with bands like D.R.I, Minor Threat, F Minus & Trash Talk.
With 5 self-released Badboy EPs already under their belt. Shitripper have recently recorded their latest batch of aggressive, poignant and brutal truths on their 2013 release – Brain Defect– the band will be releasing this late June on CD, 7” and on digital download.
“The Auckland-based punk act only know one way forward – full throttle, and that’s exactly what they deliver on this blistering nine-track EP, which clocks in at a barely believable 10 minutes.” – NZ Herald
“Shitripper is thrashy, loud, abrasive loose and rugged – just as it should be” –Rip It Up
“Ferocious, focused and passionate, this is Shitrippers finest release to date and a short, sharp shock of pure adrenaline. A release that doesn’t mess around, from a band that doesn’t mess around” –

Wil Wagner (Melb) / Isaac Graham / Nick Van Breda / Pinch Hitter / Mara Threat / 16.06.13

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Sunday 16th June // 2pm // All-ages

WIL WAGNER (Smith Street Band), solo artiste extraordinaire, & friends…

For most weekends in June I’m gonna be doing some solo gigos! It’s a belated launch tour for ‘Laika’, the EP/album (it’s 8 songs, I don’t know what it’s supposed to be) I put out through Poison City Records at the start of the year!! I’ll have merch (hopefully shirts but who knows) and stuff! First solo shows in Perth as well! Mara Threat is gonna play a few of the shows as is Nick Van Breda! And other sweet people playing! Gonna be good shit!!
Wil xoxo