Video: Yes I’m Leaving “Endless Mind”

From Mess and Noise:

‘You’d never suspect that the harmless-looking lads in the clip for ‘Endless Mind’ are the very same making such a mouth-foaming racket in the song itself. Well, until you see them on stage at various points, transforming from grinning dags to glowering marauders.

‘Endless Mind’ is the new single from the Sydney band’s forthcoming third album, Mission Bulb. The follow-up to last year’s Nothing, it’s due out May 22 on 180g vinyl through Tenzenmen. According to the band, while the two-minute song has no particular theme, “the main ideas are of emotional numbness and seclusion, the following of a pattern and the consequences of doing so and the mantra of ‘You can’t be what you are trying so hard to be’ – a comment on the impossibility of a style or appearance and its definition stretching broadly across a lot of different things.”

As for the video, it’s phone-filmed footage of the band hanging out for a couple days that was then edited by their friend Matt Griffin to include a flurry of visual non sequiturs lifted from old sci-fi and monster movies, among other sources.

Yes I’m Leaving are launching Mission Bulb in three cities at month’s end, including a hometown gig atBlack Wire Records, which features sporadically in this clip.’

Saturday 25th May // 7pm // All-ages // More info


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