God Bows To Math (N.Z) / Yes I’m Leaving / No Art / 25.04.13


Thursday 25th April // 7pm // All-ages


‘Having toured up and down New Zealand too many times to mention, Auckland noise-rock trio god bows to math finally make their way over the ditch, playing eight shows across Australia this April.

After acclaimed reviews of their debut album, god bows to math, and earning a slew of accolades for their live shows, the three piece tour up and down the East coast ahead of the Australian release of their album through Tenzenmen.

The band themselves had a triumphant 2011; drawing their biggest crowds to date during their album tour, with blistering performances in Auckland and Wellington and playing their biggest show to date – radio station 95bFM’s Nirvana tribute night. The event, held at the hallowed Kings Arms in Auckland, saw a near-capacity crowd for the headline act.

The three members of the band – Martin Phillips, Thomas Morrison and Sam Cussen – make up a triumvirate with ideals as hard-nosed as their walls of noise, firing from the hip in a display of intensive methodology: just ask the ten releases already put out under their name. 

Recording their latest release with Warner Emery (Double Ya D, ex-Phoenix Foundation) proved a priceless experience; emboldening them to strip back their sound a little more and allowing it to be mastered by the hallowed Chicago Mastering Service (run by Bob Weston and Jason Ward) was a long-standing goal of the band added indelible touches from Jason Ward that truly gave the band the polished (or rather, suitably rough) quality they have long aspired to attain.’








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