Iron Lung (USA) / Pure Evil Trio / Thorax / Hacked To Chunks / 24.01.13


Thursday 24th January // 7pm


“Seattle/San Francisco hardcore duo IRON LUNG are returning to Australia for the third time and including for the very first time New Zealand. Feeding on Powerviolence, hardcore and punk bands such as Crossed Out and Infest, Iron Lung take a strange and twisted approach to the genre – leaning more towards the morose, unsettling and discordant. Backed up by a huge catalog of releases – 2 EP’s, 4 full lengths, 13 splits, 3 demos and 3 collaborative releases plus extensive tours of Asia, North America and Australia, Iron Lung have gone from strength to strength and show no signs of slowing down. Never before has such a brutal cacophony of noise been made by so few a people.

The bands intense connection and commitment to Australian music expands beyond their extensive touring down here. Their own label, Iron Lung Records, has released records by Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control, Useless Children, True Radical Miracle and Straightjacket Nation among others. The band will be demonstrating for the first time material from their forthcoming release, White Glove Test, amongst classics we have all come to love. The bands last tour here saw shows packed to capacity across the country so don’t miss out.”


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