Vaz (USA) / DEAD (Melb) / Defektro / 6.12.12


Thursday 6th December // 6pm // All-ages


“Is it even safe for a tour this heavy to come to Australia? Does this kind of thing need a disclaimer?

Vaz are the long standing cult band from Brooklyn via Fargo that everyone almost knows. For over a decade they’ve remained underground despite putting out a stack of amazing records on labels like Load, Wantage USA, X-Mist etc. and counting some pretty influential folk as BIG fans (Melvins/Thrones/Big Business to name a few). In the 90’s the two core members of Vaz were in North Dakota trio Hammerhead. While they weren’t able to cash in for big bucks like Helmet, or stick around long enough to achieve elderstatesmen status like the Melvins, Hammerhead did carve out their own niche, albeit in a fashion that had more in common with their Touch and Go contemporaries– Shellac, Jesus Lizard etc.– than any of their label mates on Amphetamine Reptile. Vaz took what Hammerhead had started and evolved it to places far more extreme. The passing years have only served to intensify the Vaz sound, their recent LP Chartreuse Bull is proof of this. After all this time they are still influencing the trends, not following them.

DEAD have barely stopped for a breath since their inception in late 2010. U.S.A, Japan, South East Asia, New Zealand and most of Australia have all copped extensive tours from DEAD whether they liked it or not. While most of the media are still unaware DEAD exist they have sold out of two pressings of their first LP THUNDAAAAAH! on Wantage USA (Big Business/Red Fang etc.), Ricecooker (Malaysia) and their own label WeEmptyRooms through hard touring and killer live shows. DEAD is the sound of two blokes with little man syndrome trying to punch above their weight and actually pulling it off. Their second LP is called Idiots and it’s really fucking good.

The DEAD/Vaz double headline tour comes highly recommended for fans of sonic punishment and features bullshit awesome lineups in every city.”


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