Kitchen’s Floor (Bris) / Sewers (Bris) / Ruined Fortune / Housewives / 16.11.12


Friday 16th November // 7pm // All-ages


Bitter Defeat 7 inch launch tour. New record, new lineup.

Words about the record:

“It sounds like its own awkward victory, because it hasn’t capitulated, because these songs are here, and they’re lovely, and Kennedy isn’t rotting in a call centre selling dial-up internet to off-the-radar folk in far-North Queensland. In this way, Kitchen’s Floor is the most spirited and important sadness there is, and these are his best songs yet.” – Shaun Prescott, Crawlspace Magazine

“Matt Kennedy told me that he didn’t want to do another rock record. Fair enough. Instead he’s cranked out two tracks of amazing downer pop that lean heavily on broken guitars and hope. Imagine Viva Last Blues-era Will Oldham if he was from Brisbane, Queensland rather than Louisville, Kentucky and drank coffee mug wine rather than bourbon.” – Tim Scott, The Thousands


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