Records! For sale to young & old…

New & New(ish)…

BITCH PREFECT Big Time LP (Bedroom Suck) $20

BITS OF SHIT Cut Sleeves LP (Homeless) $20

DEAD BOOMERS The Pig in the Python LP (Sabbatical) $20

HIRA HIRA Now Here Nowhere LP (Tenzenmen) $20

HISSEY MIYAKE / TERRIBLE TRUTHS Split 7” (Bedroom Suck) $10

IDYLLS Farewell All Joy (Monolith/Tenzenmen) LP $25

LIFE & LIMB Two Hands 7” (Gut Feeling/Beard of Bees) $10

MARTYR PRIVATES Bless / Native Son (Bon Voyage) $10

MERE WOMEN Old Life LP (Tenzenmen) $25

NO ACTION / TANGLE Split 7″ (Self-released) $12

PER PURPOSE Warburton 7” (Bedroom Suck) $10

RUINED FORTUNE Bulls Eye 7” (RIP Society) $10

POP SINGLES All Gone LP (Vacant Valley) $24

STRAIGHTJACKET NATION Nationalism 7″ (Iron Lung) $10

USELESS CHILDREN Post Ending // Pre Completion LP (Iron Lung) $20

WHORES Mob Reality / U.B.M 7” (RIP Society) $10


Still available…

A DEATH IN THE FAMILY Small Town Stories LP (Resist/Poison City) $20

A DEATH IN THE FAMILY This Microscopic War LP (Resist/Poison City) $20

ALPS Alps of New South Wails LP (Past Futures Presents) $24

ALPS Dead Scene EP 7” (Past Futures Presents) $12

ANCHORS Bad Juju LP (Poison City) $20

ARROWS Try and Stay Upright LP (Hobbledehoy) $20

BED WETTIN’ BAD BOYS Nobody Else 7” (RIP Society) $8

BITCH PREFECT Marilyn Monroe / Holiday in America 7” (RIP Society) $8

BITS OF SHIT Bits of Shit 7” (Lexicon Devil) $8

BLANK REALM Deja What? LP (Bedroom Suck) $20

BLUELINE MEDIC The Middle of The End 7” (Hobbledehoy) $10

BOOMGATES Bright Idea / Cameo 7” (RIP Society) $8

BRAINWAVES Can’t Take it 7” (Brainwaves) $8

BUXTON, JEN Don’t Change Your Plans LP (Poison City) $22

CAT CAT Uralba LP (Dream Damage) $22

CHROME DOME Chrome Dome 7” (No Patience) $8

CIRCLE PIT Sewercide 7” (RIP Society) $8

COLLAPSE The Collapse 7” (Endless Blockades) $10

CONSTANT MONGREL Everything Goes Wrong LP (RIP Society) $20

COUE METHOD Coue Method 7” (Missing Link) $10

DAD THEY BROKE ME Rot LP (We Empty Rooms) $20

DEAD FARMERS Out The Door 7” (RIP Society) $10

DEAD Thundaaaaah! LP (We Empty Rooms) $20

DEATHCAGE From Despair to Where EP 7” (Endless Blockades) $10

DEATHCAGE Plague of The Rats LP (Agipunk) $20

DO NOT RESUSCITATE Do Not Resuscitate 7” (DNR) $10

DRAFT DODGER First Past the Last Post LP (Endless Blockades) $15

EAT A BRICK Demo 7” (Disinfect) $10


EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING Walking in Unison 12” (Captcha) $22

EPICS Knife Skills LP+CD (DIY or Die) $20

EYE-GOUGE Eye-Gouge 7” (Goodtimes) $10

EYE-GOUGE Feel The Rage 7”-Flexi (Coffin Cut) $8

FANGS OF… / INJURED NINJA Split 7” (Aniseed) $10

FANGS OF… A TV Evangelist LP (We Empty Rooms) $20

FIRE WITCH Japan 10” (Wantage USA) $15

FORCES Idolize / Safe Flight 7” (Nihilistic Orbs) $12

GHASTLY SPATS We’re Breaking Through The Hymen! 7” (Heinous Anus) $10

GOLDEN STAPH Golden Staph LP (RIP Society) $20

GRIM FANDANGO In The Rough 7” (Poison City) $10

GRONG GRONG Grong Grong LP (Alternative Tentacles) $20

HALAL, HOW ARE YOU? Halal, How Are You? LP (Lesstalk) $20

HARD-ONS Eat Shit, Listen to Terrible Music LP (Impedance) $20

HARD-ONS with NEIL HAMBURGER American Exports 7” (Alternative Tentacles) $10

HEE HAW Quiet / Never Give Up 7” (Hee Haw) $10

HOLY SOUL Superkangs LP (Beast) $25

HOODLUM SHOUTS Young Man Old Man LP (Poison City) $20

IDYLLS Idylls 7” (Monolith) $10

ILL BRIGADE In This Age 7” (Common Bond) $8

IN SEPIA Incandescent 7” (Creekside Train) $10


INFINITE VOID Infinite Void LP (Poison City) $20

INTENTIONS Guilt Party 7” (Intentions) $10

INTERNAL ROT Internal Rot 7” (Crucificados/625) $8

IRONHIDE Create/Collapse/Retreat LP (Monolith) $20

KASHA What a Colourful Mouth 7”+CD (Hellosquare) $12

KITCHEN’S FLOOR Loneliness is a Dirty Mattress LP (Bedroom Suck/RIP Society) $20

KITCHEN’S FLOOR Look Forward to Nothing LP (Siltbreeze) $22

KROMOSOM 8 Tracks LP (Hardcore Victim) $15

LEPROSY 5 Tracks 7” (Hardcore Victim) $10

LIFE & LIMB Four Islands EP 10” (Gut Feeling) $15

LOGJAMMERS Hit #1 7” (No Patience) $8

LOOSE GRIP Cereal 7” (Bedroom Suck) $8

LOVE OF DIAGRAMS In My Dream / Too Long 7” (Free Field) $10

LOWTIDE Underneath Tonight 7” (Departed Sounds) $10

LUCA BRASI Extended Family LP (Poison City) $20

MAD NANNA I Made Blood Better LP (Negative Guest List) $20

MARATHON I’ll Never Look At You The same Way 7” (Midnight Funeral) $10

MARGINS Divide 2xLP (Margins) $30

MENTAL POWERS Homoh 12″ (Badminton Bandit) $20

MERE WOMEN Sun Rising / Waves 12” (Mere Women) $10

MICHAEL CRAFTER A Hessian’s Confession 7” (Tenzenmen) $12

MID YOUTH CRISIS Happiness & Authority LP (Midnight Funeral) $15

MILHOUSE Everything’s Coming Up… 7” (Midnight Funeral) $10

MY DISCO Cancer LP (Numerical Thief) $25

NAKED ON THE VAGUE Abstract Figures 7” (RIP Society) $8

NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT Enemies In High Places 7″ (Viper Death Lock) $10

NEW JUSTICE TEAM / IMPERIAL LEATHER Split 7” (Appliances & Cars) $8

NEW WAR Ghostwalking 12” (Fast Weapons) $20

NIGHT CRASH The Night Crash LP+CD (Appliances & Cars/Tenzenmen) $20

NIGHT HAG Confidence Man 7” (Monolith) $10

NINETYNINE The Process LP (Appliances & Cars) $20

NO ACTION Left of The Year 7” (No Action) $8

NOVA SCOTIA Nova Scotia LP (Lofly) $20

NUCLEAR SUMMER Nuclear Summer LP (Monolith) $20

PATHETIC HUMAN / SUFFER Split 7” (No Patience) $8

PEABODY / MACHINEMACHINE Split 7” (Peabrain) $12

PENGUINS / CURED PINK Split 7” (Vacant Valley) $12

PER PURPOSE Heil Progress 7” (Bedroom Suck) $8

PER PURPOSE Implicating More Than One LP (Bedroom Suck) $20

POP SINGLES The King / I Know Your Name 7” (Vacant Valley) $8

PURE EVIL TRIO This is Our Music LP (Appliances & Cars/Broken Rain) $15

ROYAL HEADACHE Royal Headache LP (RIP Society) $20

SCUL HAZZARDS Landlord LP (Rejuvenation) $20

SHADOW LEAGUE S/t LP (Shadow League) $20

SHIT WEATHER / HIRS Split 7” (One Brick Today) $10

SKULL SQUADRON Now You’ve Come Home 7” (Skull Squadron) $10

SLUG GUTS Down on The Meat LP (Stained Circles) $20

SLUG GUTS Howlin’ Gang (Ltd Tour Version) LP (Bedroom Suck) $20

SMITH STREET BAND No-one Gets Lost Anymore LP (Poison City) $20

SOVIET VALVES Sight That Harms / Gaze That Harms 7” (Smart Guy) $8

STOLEN YOUTH Dark Century LP (Clarity) $20

STOLEN YOUTH Humans 7” (Stolen Youth) $10

TAIPAN Ten Day Dawn 7” (Disinfect) $8

TEARGAS The Way of All Flesh LP (Hardcore Victim) $15

TEMPERAMENTAL POCKET Plays Courthouse Blues 7” (Lesstalk) $10

TERRIBLE TRUTHS Terrible Truths 7” (Small Town City Living) $10

THOUGHT CRIMINALS Chrono-Logical 2xLP (Ascension) $30

THOUGHT CRIMINALS Peace, Love and Under Surveillance 7” (Doublethink) $10

THREE MONTH SUNSET (aka LOWTIDE) You Are My Good Light 12” (Milkthistle) $20

TRUE RADICAL MIRACLE Cockroaches LP (Iron Lung) $20

TRUE RADICAL MIRACLE Termites LP (Iron Lung) $20

TRUTH FROM FACTS Predators Dream 7” (Tenzenmen) $10

UNDEAD APES Grave Consequences LP (Mere Noise) $25

UNDEAD APES Killed by Deaf LP (Mere Noise) $25

UNITY FLOORS Women’s Golf 7” (Unity Floors) $12

USELESS CHILDREN Skin / Nameless 7” (Criminal IQ) $10

USELESS CHILDREN Sky is Falling LP (EXO) $20

UV RACE Homo LP (In The Red) $20

VAGINORS Nuclear Papsmear LP (Hardcore Victim/No Patience) $20

VARIOUS ARTISTS Shuffle & Scrape: A Tribute to Blueline Medic LP (Poison City) $20

WOOLLEN KITS Maths / Out of Town 7” (RIP Society) $8

WOOLLEN KITS Woollen Kits LP (RIP Society) $20

ZOND Zond LP (RIP Society) $20

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  1. Chasing a copy of Useless Children – Sky is falling on lp… please emial me if you still have a copy.

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