Benefit for Blackie at The Annandale tonight (1st June)!


From Ray/Hard-Ons:

“We will perform a set with a new line-up. Ray (bass), Peter Kostic (drums), Murray Ruse (drums) and Keish (lead guitar/vocals) will hit the stage doing what songs we know between us. Whatever we make those nights, we’ll toss it Blackie’s way. Come along if you can.”

“COME AND SEE parallel universe HARD-ONS and possibly WIN a signed SCHECTER electric guitar. Our good pal Paul at Billy Hyde has organised a donation through Schecter guitars. On friday 1st June, at the Annandale show, we will giveaway a new Schecter guitar, signed by Ray, keish, Blackie, Murray and Pete. It’s on its way from Melbourne as I write, for us to all sign. There will be a raffle ticket given to everyone through the door. For your information, Shecter electric guitars are used by bands such as Slayer and Exodus among others. Shredders take note! Please come along to this gig. Hard-ons will give their share of the door takings to Blackie. He will certainly need it in the coming months during his recovery. Cheers.”

There are many other events for out of towners too, including all these in Melbourne (check out Sunday 10th June…CONATION!!!):

Tym Guitars, in Brisbane, is also holding both an auction and a raffle via facebook to raise funds here.

*You can also make a direct donation via paypal to:

(Top posters by Glenn Smith, bottom one by Jace from DEAD)


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