Paint It Black Records 2004-2009.

Paint It Black was a record shop and sometimes performance space started in early 2004 by a core “collective” of Aaron, Bek, Nathan & Tom, joined over the years by a small army of invaluable volunteers, and is undeniably the precursor to what we are doing here and now. The following (sadly, incomplete) lists some of the events/shows/performances that took place. Beginning with in-stores in the tiny shop space before, in late 2005, we (rather ambitiously, and perhaps stupidly in retrospect) leased a seperate space just up the road for the sole purpose of putting on shows and exhibitions (variously named The Compound, 22xox, or simply 22), as the options for d.i.y/all-ages spaces for both touring and local artists in Sydney were then (and still are) severely and embarrassingly (for the city as a whole) limited and the shop itself was simply too small. Relocated mid-2007 to slightly further up Enmore Rd, it ended unceremoniously (and with no notice) with an eviction and mounting debt in late 2009.

Paint It Black in-stores at 6 Enmore Rd, Newtown (occupied since by various overpriced goth knick-knack shops)…


Early-2004 – Off Minor (USA)

Sat 24th July – Die! Die! Die! (NZ)

Sat 31st July – Under The Blue Moon Festival: Abel / Fred / Aaron / Nathan / Noha / Matthew / Butterworth Bros

Wed 1st December – Brand Disloyalty / The Paddington Bear Affair (SA) / Heil Spirits


Sun 16th January – Nora Keyes (USA) / The Corndawg (USA) / Professor Z (USA)

Sat 12th February – Sabot (Cz Rep.)

Sat 19th March – Iron Lung (USA) / Agents Of Abhorrence (VIC)

Sat 2nd April – Lakes (VIC) / Oh! Belgium (VIC) / Naked On The Vague

Sat 9th April – Straightjacket (VIC) / Kiosk / New Justice Team

Sat 30th April – Just Say Go! (QLD) / New Justice Team

Sat 14th May – Dandelion Junk Queens (USA)

Fri 24th June – Dick Nasty (QLD) / Draft Dodger (QLD)

Sat 25th June – Happy Christmas (QLD) / Bene Gesserit

Fri 15th July – Breeds There A Man (VIC) / Bene Gesserit / Brand Disloyalty (acoustic) / J-Lo Biafra (VIC)

Sun 7th August – Demon Other (VIC) / Twin City Faction

Sat 17th September – Under The Blue Moon Festival: Epileptic Fitness / Heil Spirits / Arafura

Mon 26th September – Scarlet Fever / Fear Like Us

Thu 29th September – Vialka (Fr/Can)

Sat 5th November – Fire Witch (VIC) / Spider Goat Canyon (VIC)

Paint It Black hosted shows at The Compound / Twenty-Two / 22xox Enmore Rd, Newtown (occupied since by Black Rose, TuTu queer space and Little Fish Gallery)…


Sat 15th October – Altered Beast (Last show) / 4 Dead (ACT) / Heil Spirits / Scum System Kill

Wed 2nd November – Nathan Pyewacket Exhibition: Heil Spirits / Dracopede

Fri 11th November – Draft Dodger (QLD) / Twin City Faction

Sun 13th November – Hard Luck (ACT) / The Dead Walk / Crimespree

Sun 27th November – The Dead Walk / Jungle Fever / Shortlived / No Apologies

Sat 3rd December – Hit The Jackpot (SA) / Sweet Raxx (SA) / Le Paper Dolls

Sun 4th December – Scab (NZ) / Poodle Truth (NZ) / New Justice Team

Thu 8th December – The Focus (VIC) / Fabulous Diamonds (VIC)

Sat 17th December – Smash ‘n’ Grab / Neo-Con Killers / Soiled Mattress / Vae Victis

Sun 18th December – Betrayed (USA) / Carry On (USA) / Champion (USA) / Internal Affairs (USA) / Hard Luck (ACT) / Last Nerve / No Apologies


Sat 7th January – Summer Winds Compilation & Zine launch: Le Paper Dolls / Vincent Over The Sink / Naked On The Vague / Triangle

Sun 15th January – Hard Luck (ACT) / The Faux Hawks (split 7” launch) / A.V.O. / Jungle Fever / Go For Broke! (VIC)

Sat 21st January – Discussion With A Gun / Flame The Fire / Worlds Apart

Sat 4th February – New Justice Team / The Faux Hawks / Crime Spree / ROFL / Hooray For Hate / Flame The Fire

Sun 5th February – Against (QLD) / Stronghold (SA) / Standing Eight Count

Sun 12th February – Naked On The Vague / Toecutter / Dracopede / Hiss / Warm Feelings

Thu 16th February – “Still Not A Rap Dancer” Exhibition by Lauren: Monica Brooks / Intergalactik Chicken Dentist

Sun 19th February – The Jonestown Syndicate (SA) / Through Closed Eyes (WA) / Painkiller Jayne / Jack Napier

Sat 4th March – “Some Fun…” Photo Exhibition: Conation / Brand Disloyalty / Stereo City / The Focus (VIC)

Sun 5th March – Anarchoi / Neo-Con Killers / New Justice Team

Sun 12th March – Unemploiables / The Solid Beam / Cartoon Violence

Thu 16th March – Jaws (WA) / Extortion (WA) / The Faux Hawks / Masstrauma

Sat 18th March – Furcurve / Ohana / ROFL / Jack Napier / Happy Go Hate Fuck

Sun 26th March – Bradbury / Co Kla Coma / Dave Noyze / Bambi and the Bambis

8th April – Straightjacket Nation (VIC) / Eddy Current Suppression Ring (VIC) / Smash ‘n’ Grab / Masstrauma

15th April – Birushanah (JAP) / Ryokuchi (JAP) / Dad They Broke Me (VIC)

Sun 7th May – Daylight Curse (QLD) / Provoked (QLD) / Vice For Virtues (QLD)

Sun 14th May – Discussion With a Gun / Prevail (SA) / The August Reign (VIC) / Die Trying / Punch Out / Columbine

Sat 20th May – Firewitch (VIC) / Alps / Jessica Something Jewish (USA) / Happy Go Hate Fuck

Sun 21st May – New Justice Team / Pure Evil Trio

Sat 3rd June – Masstrauma / ROFL / Frank Rizzo

Sun 4th June – The Rivalry (SA) / Pure Evil Trio / Slowly Building Weapons

Sat 5th August – The Faux Hawks (Last show) / Hard Luck (ACT) / The New Justice Team / Homewrecker

Sat 28th October – 4 Dead (ACT) / Straightjacket Nation (VIC) / No Apologies / Homewrecker

Sat 9th September – Paint It Black Benefit: 4 Dead (ACT) / Svinokop / New Justice Team

10th November – Firewitch (VIC) / Blacklevel Embassy (VIC) / The Thaw / Gallucci

Fri 1st December – Rock ‘n’ Roll Mercenaries: Exhibition by Glenn Smith & Rod Hunt

Sat 9th December – Firewitch (VIC) / Nunchukka Superfly / wOg / Robbie Avenaim / Mo’ Money Hustlerz / Warm Feelings / Heil Spirits

Sun 10th or Mon 11th December (Last ever show at 22) – Regulations (SWE) / Straightjacket Nation (VIC)

22 Enmore Rd collapses under the weight of increasing financial woes and intolerant yuppie neighbours…back to doing in-stores at 6 Enmore Rd…


Sun 21st April – Fear Like Us (VIC) / Like…Alaska

Sun 1st July – Brand Disloyalty (7” launch) / Pay Colour

Sun 8th July – (Last ever in-store at 6 Enmore Rd.) Quebec (VIC) / Majorca (VIC) / Eucalypt

6 Enmore Rd closes…on to 86 Enmore Rd (occupied since by a convenience store)…and here we lose track, many more events were hosted but any record of them is (for the moment) lost to moved houses, crashed hard drives and the tyranny of time passed…

*We need your help to fill in the gaps and provide further documentation (posters/flyers etc.). As well as any info on shows after the relocation to 86, there are many gaps throughout this list. Any assistance at all would be very much appreciated!

R.I.N (Rest In Noise)…2004-2009.


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