Usurper Of Modern Medicine (W.A) / Making / Thomas William / Mannheim Rocket / 05.05.12

Saturday 5th May // 7pm // All-ages // $10


*Last minute change, no Scissor Lock, replaced by Mannheim Rocket!

Heartless Robot Productions Present…


“Turbo Handshake is the second record from Usurper of Modern Medicine. The next instalment in their pair of EP’s, the counterpart to 2011’s celebrated debut Acid Chess. Continuing to explore heavy driving rhythms and hypnotic grooves with more experimentation into live signal processing including intense vocal resampling and dynamic looping, Turbo Handshake is a step forward into new complex sonic territory while still maintaining the swagger and intensity of their debut. Following the release of Acid Chess, Usurper has toured Japan and New Zealand, opened for acts including Mono (Jpn), Holy Fuck (Can) and Seekae and performed at the 2012 Camp a Low Hum festival in Wellington, NZ. The EP features four original tracks including ‘Pigeon Religion’ and ‘I Am the Panopticon’ and four exclusive remixes from artists including AxxOnn, Naik, Ylem and more.”

Reactions to ‘Acid Chess’ EP

“It would be too easy to pigeonhole Usurper of Modern Medicine as a post rock band, but the would be to sell short what they have achieved on Acid Chess. The four originals here are a diverse mix of propulsive energy and electronic shenanigans that tear away at the inside of your skull and keep your heart beating all in one” XPress Magazine May 2011

“Being touted these days as WA’s answer to Holy Fuck, Usurper have dropped an epic experiment in electronic and rhythm/guitar soundscapes. Living up to the hype they have garnered over the last few months, Acid Chess builds on solid bass lines and atmospheric feedback to form rolling, unyielding tracks.” EP of the Week, Drum May 2011

USURPER OF MODERN MEDICINE is Steven Aaron Hughes (bass, vocals), Cameron Hines (drums) and Cameron George (laptop, keyboards, re-sampling).

Preview track ‘Pigeon Religion’:


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