Infinite Void (Melb) / No Art / Hazards / Hex Complex / 26.05.12

Saturday 26th May // 7pm // All-ages // $10


One of our absolute favourite bands in the whole wide world are coming to town and launching their new LP on Poison City Records, joined by some excitingly great supports (seriously! Be early). Hooray!

“Insanely catchy and buzzy punk rock that traces it’s sound back to Minneapolis of the mid Eighties and Olympia of the Nineties. But from the driving ‘Pay For What’s It’s Worth’ to Jacquie and Alicia’s dual harmony attack of ‘Give Up’ the sound of Infinite Void is still definitely Melbourne of 2012 and it’s raging! Tim Scott – Mess + Noise, Three Thousand, Teenage Hate RRR FM
“How do you freaks walk that margin between pop, effectively chorus-pedaled gloom-punk, danceable new wave, well-placed-harmony-vocals and arpeggiated, intricate guitar work without falling into that noodley-to-the-point-it-looses-urgency vibe? Don’t know how youse do it. But, well fucking done. Infinite Punx are the absolute George (Best)!” – Mike Mckee (Amateur Party, Armalite)

*No Hex Complex on the internet yet…features Jonny (Optionals, Chinese Burns Unit, Worse Off etc.), Jimmy (Grand Fatal, Epics, Seconds Away etc.), Tom (Lungs, Epics etc.) and Nelson (Lungs etc.). Really good stuff.


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