On record store day…

My mum has always detested Mother’s Day. “If you truly cared for, loved and supported your mother, you would demonstrate this daily, year-round, without needing to be prompted”.

I feel much the same way about RSD. Whatever good intentions may have existed at its inception (if ever) have long ago been lost to artificially limited bullshit collectibles and mindless commercialism.

If you truly support and love record shops, go and buy a newly released record once in a while, or order in something you can’t find on the shelf instead of trawling ebay to amass the equivalent of a rare stamp collection. Record shops were magical places for me in my youth, and to this day many of them provide me with a great joy. NONE of this is captured by all this self-congratulatory, once-a-year, elitist crap. This is all we have to say on the matter.

*Actually, all that being said, if you feel the need…go and support folks who are actually “proper” record shops and part of the music “business”, “industry” or whatever, unlike us jerks. Repressed Records, Beatdisc, Resist, Blank Records and a few more in this town are all very worthy of your support…

Don’t wake us first thing in the morning with half-cooked eggs on burnt toast, an on-sale vacuum cleaner, and expect us to be appreciative. Well, we’ll be closed anyway, so never mind. Carry on.


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