Infinite Decimals (Melb) / Half Of Gallucci / Making / Crouching 80s… / Six Pieces / 14.04.12

Saturday 14th April // 7pm // All-ages // $10


“After just over two years of musical output, Infinite Decimals issue via Fallopian Tunes their most complete release to date; three studio pieces (recorded at Sound Park Studios) and an extended live cut taken from a performance at Melbourne’s Loop Space in 2011.

True to the band’s usual approach, all tracks were created from unedited, improvised, live recordings, using combinations of guitar, bass, piano and drums. Enhanced and mixed at Infinite Decimals’ studio using their own unique production techniques, the result is a collection of pure and spacious landscapes probing the boundaries between music and noise as only they know how.

The group are completed as always by improv visual artist Paul Rogers, combining his inimitable visual synaesthetica to create an unrepeatable multi sensory performance like nothing you’ve experienced.

Cop a listen over here,

Gallucci are back! Well half of them are.The Godfathers of Sydney’s Underground returned earlier this year to release a new album with contributions from Minutemen/fIREHOSE/Stooges bassman Mike Watt, Stooges/Violent Femmes hornman Steve Mackay and ABC Radio Renegade Tony Barrell.Now they are gracing Blackwire with a set.

Listen to the new record here,

Making have been doing the rounds over the past year or two, playing an average of 8 shows a week. All of which are good. Playing minimally proficient rock ‘n’ or roll, i am promised they are taking a minimal techno direction in the near future. Maybe even this show. Come see them before they incorporate strobe lights into their shows.

Listen to their E.P here

Crouching 80s Hidden Acronym are a four piece outfit self described as “sort of a shitty wanna be mathy wanna be emo shitcore experience”. They have a name that kinda references a movie none of them have seen and they constantly get compared to The Young Ones for some reason (also never watched by any of them). They have begun the process of writing/recording their debut LP “You Can Be A Wookie If You Want To” which should hopefully be ready later this year.

In the meantime, seeing as that didn’t sell them so well you should maybe just listen to the split they put out last year with shoegaze band Rara Avis.

Six Pieces dont exist on the internet yet. But get there early to see them.

All of this for a meager $10! So come on down and watch some legends play good music. All ages. ”

Poster (v.01) by Lizzie Nagy:

Poster (v.02) by Matte Refic:


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